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TDSB: boys in girls’ washrooms is OK

The current trend in the education sphere is all about social equity. That means the goal is to eliminate any type of discrimination (racial, sexual, ethnic, etc.) and to have all types of inclusion (see Bill 13).

Generally, I’m pretty liberal with these types of values, but this is stepping too far. This is hyperliberalism on overdrive. There is a difference between sex and gender, and we really need to look at the purpose of a washroom, and how it is designed for what type of audience.

Last I checked, washrooms were about what type of body part you have, and then you go to the washroom that is built for that body part. Ex. Urinals for “outies”.

The Equity Committee of TDSB is trying to accommodate transgender students by letting students walk into whichever washroom they prefer. “A student’s self-identification is the sole measure of the student’s gender.”

TDSB is traditionally known to be the most outdated school board in Ontario, but this is not how you catch up to other schools. They say they are accommodating the transgenders, but how about accommodating for the general public? Why are we accommodating the very few at the expense of the vast majority? How would a girl, with a leaky period, feel when she sees a boy in the same bathroom?

When they passed this bill, they “encouraged to have at least one unisex stall available”. They didn’t say they would provide any funding for TDSB schools to build said unisex stalls.

A better solution to fight off the controversy is to have a gender-neutral washroom: a washroom that does not say which gender, and is labelled “Students”. It can be just one toilet + sink, or a set of stalls inside with some sinks outside the stall. My campus has gender-neutral washrooms. Even if it’s just a washroom for 1, it would be enough: the gender-neutral washroom on my campus is rarely used anyway.

Washrooms were designed with the body part in mind. It does not speak about your gender at all. If you have an outie, then an urinal was built specifically for that.

It is unfair to cause discomfort in the vast majority to accommodate for the extremely small minority. Tolerance and acceptance should be negotiated between all the parties. Tolerance and acceptance are not stomping on another party’s values with zero negotiation.


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