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FREE Portal 2 for teachers!

That’s right. Teachers get free Portal 2. 

This is part of Steam’s initiative called “Steam for Schools” where Steam offers its mainstream, popular games to teachers for educational purposes. The irony of this is that last year, I had written an essay on how Portal can be used in classrooms. And have gotten an A on it.

Teachers can sign up to Teach With Portals to get a demo copy for themselves to test out, or they can order a class set. This website also has resources like blogs, lesson plans, and FAQs for teachers to use Portal 2 in their classroom.

I’m so glad we’re finally moving in a progressive direction where we embrace technology. I mean, I love using chart and paper in my classroom, but come on, which kid doesn’t want to play games in class?!

Not only are games educational, they are very engaging. Portal 2 is engaging as well as fun and challenging. Which portal do you have to open where for that box to fall? There also impossible “tests” where you open a portal and it’s an endless falling session. Hilarious, to say the least, but it can make you nauseous after a while.

Accessibility will always be an issue, but as mentioned before, education is moving in the right direction. We can’t just shut off technology. We’re slow to catch up, but we’re getting there. I can’t wait when students can actually play games in class and learn. There’s so much potential in Portal 2!

Teachers can sign up, but I think they need to somehow prove they belong to a district school board, since it would be really pointless if anyone could just claim they’re a teacher.

Can’t wait ‘til I graduate and become a teacher. This is definitely what I’ll get first.


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