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Liberals: not the best choice

I am truly and genuinely metaphorically sick of McGuinty’s self-proclamations as an education leader. His plans are detrimental to the field of education and schools everywhere in Ontario.

Having looked up his background, the only thing that pertains to the field of education is his wife, Terri McGuinty, an elementary school teacher. Dalton attained his B.Sc. from McMaster, then a Law degree at Ottawa before practicing law there. 

Maybe he and his wife do have bedside talks about education plans for Ontario, but that begs the question: why are his plans so awful?

I’m going to name some plans off the top of my head. Get ready for bigotry.(Note: cute portrayal of McGuinty at the end of this post).)


This is a controversial proposal, which passed and still exists today, thanks to McGuinty, about setting up a school for failures. Although the name of the game hints at Africans, which is the true intent of this proposal, Toronto District School Board prefers calling it a school for the academically challenged, which so happens to be targeted towards Africans. McGuinty’s 2 cents in the problem? None! Because he didabsolutely nothing to stop this race-based school system. Faith-based school systems? Yeah, he shut down the debate for funding them. That’s one point for McGuinty. Race-based? Oh no, let’s just pay lip service and cross our arms.

We’ll say we’re doing something so we can get votes. But no, we aren’t going to do anything, thank you very much.


Actually, I like this proposal very much. I think it’s wonderful. Girls are getting their periods sooner than ever (as in, 5 years old), and it gets awkward asking the teacher about what happened to their pants.

However, McGuinty thought he could just pull a fast one on Ontario, a province that claims to be liberal-minded, but is actually very conservative when it all comes down to the core values. Anyway!

He was going to pass this bill by shouting it out, and hoping nobody would hear it, then he could run it through the Houses. However, many of us did hear it, and were outraged. Some were defending children’s innocence, and some were just grossed out.

The problem is that the folks who brought this up never told the people who are most affected: the parents. We’re talking about changing values here, not just a “let’s put in more gym time” kind of thing. Professors and researchers have already clued in on this: they know about the earlier times kids hit puberty. Parents don’t. As always, parents see their children as little angels. Puberty? Raging hormones? No way!

Fun fact: in grade 6 they learn about masturbation.

Anyway, knowledge is power, and depriving of such power to resist is only contradictory to our beliefs. It was a good plan, but horribly executed, if at all. What a shame.

More info about this plan can be seen here, which is from my previous blog before I got onto Tumblr.


Some see it as free daycare, some see it revolutionary. As a Con Ed student, I don’t see this useful. Kids get tired mid-day: humans are wired to nap around noon/1pm, and these kids sure know about it. “Miss, I’m tired”. And then what happens? Let chaos break loose! Teachers have to keep thinking of short, but energetic activities for kids, which is quite stressful and tiring in itself. Planning is already difficult, but to always be on your toes with a new activity every 7 minutes to keep the kids alert is horrible. (7 minutes is the attention span of the average child.)

I believe we should still keep the old system as a transition period for kids. When you push kids into full-day, they miss their parents. They miss nap time. They get homesick within 2 hours, if you are lucky.

More info can be seen here, also from my previous blog.


In general, we should lower our standards so the stupid kids can pass, and we can have a nice, plump number of students graduating from high school. Because, obviously, this will make our kids be more functional and able to work in international settings.


Using the ABCD/R system is too psychologically traumatic. A kid who receives a C would go home crying and would shut themselves from the world, never wanting to interact with society again.

PVW means “progressing very well”, PW is “progressing well”, and PWD is “progressing with difficulty”. You can figure out which letters (ABCD/R) go into which category.

The thing is, if little Johnny gets 10/10 on this last test, and 10/10 on this test, he technically has not progressed at all because he got perfect. However, that looks really bad to see “progressing with difficulty”.

Unrealistic standards for a harsh world.


Liberals say they’re all for education? Please. Having a wife who is an elementary school teacher does not make you the delegate for all things educational. Do some research, ask professionals and actually sit in classrooms to see how kids learn.

I don’t want an Ontario where schools are race-based and where we have to lower our standards so that incapable kids also pass and litter our society with inability to work.

This is not the Ontario I was looking forward to in the future.

I know that education is political, but stop using schools as your main political platform.

How can you say you are supportive of education when education is always the first one to be cut?

A caricature of McGuinty


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