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China bans native language

Just recently, China decided to ban Guangzhou (formerly known as Canton, the name I will use to emphasize the idea of oppression in this law) to use Cantonese in their TV programs. One school even punishes children for using Cantonese in Canton.

For those who are unfamiliar with Canadian history, here’s a short history lesson. Way back in the old days, white Canadian officials (as if there were any other racially different officials back then) banned Aboriginal kids to speak their Aboriginal languages in schools. They were not allowed to worship their deities, and if they were caught practicing any aspect of their culture, they were tortured, whipped, slapped, etc.

Where is the logic behind this, aside from unifying the country into one great big lump of nationalism?

I don’t expect China to study Canadian history (they have several millenia of history of their own to study in schools), but even without knowledge of how Canadians treated Aboriginals historically, it is illogical to ban the language that is native to the province.

Imagine if English was banned in England.


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