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Catholic: a leg up for short skirts

We live in Canada. We have 8 months of winter, and the rest is just mildly viable for a t-shirt and jeans. Those 8 months are long and brutal: temperatures can range anywhere from -5 degrees C to -45 degrees C (that’s 23 degrees F to -49 degrees F for our American friends).

And yet the Catholic school board says, “No, keep the skirts. We like them.”

Probably because nobody at the board talked about the practicality of the skirts (or lack of). They only talked about how girls roll up the hemlines to show more leg, an age-old technique established beyond when my mom was a girl.

Some people prefer pointing fingers: “Oh, it’s the school’s fault!” or “Parents are to blame!” Is this how we adults solve problems? If it is, then it’s no wonder the kids of today, future of tomorrow, are acting so bratty.

No one party is all in the wrong. The main problem why there’s such a disparity between what parents want and what schools want is because each party holds a different set of values. Don’t resort to “it’s their fault, let them fix it”. Is that what we call maturity? Is that how we solve problems in a mature way? Then it’s no wonder kids nowadays are so spoiled and brattish.

The community and the school should not be considered as two ends of a spectrum. The key is to have both the community and the school work together to agree on a set of morals and the way to go about it. Consistency is essential if we want kids to behave in a certain way and not bounce back to their bad form. So, parents must check and explain why rolling up skirts is not socially acceptable. The school (all its staff: admin, boards, teachers, janitors, etc.) must enforce it and explain (explaining is important!) why rolling up skirts is not socially acceptable. Don’t just say “because I said so”, but explain why this does not breed a healthy attitude among boys AND girls.

Finally, the schools’ ways of policing seems rather primitive. A note and send them home? How is that in any way telling the student that what they did was wrong, and why it was wrong, and why the school will not tolerate it? These kids aren’t 3rd graders; they are not as obedient. Schools and the community have to find ways to communicate using their language, at their level, about why this is unhealthy.

“The student will be sent home with a note to the parent and it goes from there.” Now I know why parents and schools are out of sync; they don’t work together.


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